Sherlock Fic: Leaving things undone: Day 6: Violence
Well, what's next after desire? What's the next step after the heat and the friction? With Sherlocks twisted mind this isn't going to end well...

Enjoy. Leave a comment. Appreciate my Beta swissmarg.


Day 6: Violence


Then I kiss him. He doesn’t fight back. It feels wrong but I don’t care.Collapse )

Sherlock Fic: Leaving things undone: Day 5: Desire
Well, it's getting hot. ;)

Have fun reading, and thanks to swissmarg of course!


Day 5: Desire


John’s mouth against mine and the taste of his tongue. His breath in my chest.Collapse )

Sherlock Fic: Leaving things undone: Day 4: Manipulation

Here, have a Day 4: Manipulation. Sherlocks ideas are getting more and more twisted ;)

Have fun! And a special Thanks to my beta reader swissmarg of course :)


Day 4: Manipulation


I reach out my hand, grab his shirt and pull him the last few inches closer.Collapse )

Sherlock Fic: Leaving things undone: Day 3: Information

Well, this took me far too long to post. I appologise. But I have a lot to do, and it's sumer, kind of. I'm planing a trip to London as well with 7 friends (we booked today, yey!) and a lot of other stuff. I hardly found the time to translate my texts. The story is finished in German and I wrote another complete one in German too (my absolute favorite one so far...) but I just can't be arsed to translate...I'm so sorry ;)

But here, have a new chapter! And THANKS to swissmarg of course!


3: Information


“Why do you want to leave?”Collapse )

Sherlock Fic: Leaving things undone: Day 2: Logic
This time it's logic. Will it help Sherlock or will it just betray him?

A big 'Thank you very much' to my beta reader
swissmarg once again. She's doing a wonderful job!

Have fun with the next chapter.



Day 2: Logic


(Nothing I feel is logical)Collapse )



Sherlock Fic: Leaving things undone: Day 1: Ignorance

Let's start with day one, guys.

And I just want all you people to know:
I now have a wonderful beta reader: swissmarg. Thank you very much for helping with my translations and for all the little english lessons you're giving me. Much appreciated!

Now have fun with the next chapter, and well, can you guess what will be Sherlocks next move?


Day 1: Ignorance


Ignorance, I think. It’s when someone doesn’t pay attention to someone else, willingly, intentionally (and here I stand inside his room and watch him as if there were nobody else in this world).Collapse )

Sherlock Fic: Leaving things undone: Prologue
Well, I started a new series.

Or to be more precisely: I nearly finished it (in German, though). Now I'm translating, and well, here is the beginning ;)

It is, after all, a little experiment, lots of brackets, lots of first person perspective, lot of Sherlocks twisted mind.

I hope you enjoy it. Please, leave a comment, I like them ;)

EDIT: I now have a wonderful beta reader! She's doing an absolutely great job and is helping me a lot with my translations! Thank you very much, [info]swissmarg!
So, have a edited version of the prologue and look forward to even better next chapters :)

Leaving things undone



I just can’t let him leave (I think) when there are things undoneCollapse )

Sherlock Fic: Leaving things undone

Titel: Leaving things undone

Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Character:  Sherlock Homes, John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade, (Moira) Anderson

Warnings: John/Sherlock, Slash, blood, a bit darkness, Sherlocks twisted mind, selfharm, drugs.

Stuff: 9 Chapter Series. Experiment. Brackets. First Person Perspective (Sherlock)

Summary: John receives a letter. Everything changes. He must leave  Baker Street, and Sherlock don't want him to. He has seven days left, seven different ideas how to stop John from leaving.
But why is it that his heart hurts so much? Why is it so bad that John is leaving? Sherlock, unable to get his feelings clear, struggles. Will he understand soon enough?

Prologue | Day 1: Ignorance | Day 2: Logic | Day 3: Information | Day 4: Manipulation | Day 5: Desire | Day 6: Violence

Sherlock Fic: Broken beyond repair, Chapter Eleven

Hey, this is the last chapter, folks, so please enjoy it. I hope, it satisfies you, and I hope, I can hear some thoughts about it in the end. I want to thank all the readers and their comments because they made me going on. But thank you as well, people who pass by and stay silent. I never hear from you, but I hope you enjoyed the ride. Maybe I can hear some last thoughts before I leave you with this? ;)

So, let's do it, let's bring it to an end.

We talk. We are human. We fall.

Enjoy. And maybe, we meet again.


11. Human being


And Jim Moriartys eyes, they grieve about the death of two friends.Collapse )



Sherlock Fic: Broken beyond repair, Chapter Ten

Well, I apologise for the long wait, but my student life has me back, much work to do for university and stuff.

But here it is, the second to last chapter. And yes, it sounds cruel, but that's the way it is. I just need a last chapter to tell the story I wanted to tell, to end the main plotline. Well, maybe, when someone survives this chaos, I will write a sequel, if it's wished for. (Be sure to tell me!)

But till then, dear readers, it would be wonderful to hear some last words, now is your second to last chance ;) Please, feel free to tell me how you feel about this stuff. I really like to hear your opinions.

And now: We're siting in a park. We're screaming. We're crouching. We're silent.



10. Eternal silence


Moriarty raises a hand and waves and yet he knows that Sherlock won’t follow him.Collapse )

(This is it. The end. Are you ready?)


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